I’m a Leeds, UK based mixing and mastering engineer. I specialise in heavy / extreme genres of music (hardcore/punk/metal/grindcore, etc) and focus on creating aggressive, intense and punchy sounding mixes while maintaining clarity and space. 


All of my mixing work is done remotely, allowing me to work with bands from all over the world. Recent work includes mixing for bands from countries including Australia (Meth Leppard, PowerXChuck), France (Chiens, Ghettö, Bombardement), Germany (Eastwood), UK (Endless Swarm, Greed, Mortuary Spawn, Ona Snop, Stiff Meds), Italy (Failure, Double Me) and more.


I offer the following services at affordable prices:


  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Drum/vocal editing

  • Re-amping


Pricing is worked out for each project, so let me know what you want done and we'll work it out from there.

To get in touch, email me at benjonesmixing@gmail.com or fill in the contact form.