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I’m a Leeds, UK based mixing and mastering engineer specialising in heavy/extreme genres of music (hardcore/punk/metal/grindcore, etc). I also spend my time working at an audio software company and playing drums in various hardcore/metal/punk bands (currently Pest Control and Bodyweb, previously Mortuary Spawn, Lugubrious Children, Implement and many more). 

I focus on creating aggressive, intense sounding mixes that retain the raw energy of a performance, and like to work with the unique character of each band rather than using a "one size fits all" approach.

All of my work is done remotely, allowing me to work with bands from all over the world. Recent work includes mixing for bands from countries including Australia (Meth Leppard, PowerXChuck, Endless Bore), France (Chiens, Ghettö, Bombardement), Germany (Eastwood, Turtle Rage), UK (Endless Swarm, Greed, Mortuary Spawn, Ona Snop, Stiff Meds, Pest Control, Vacuous), Italy (Failure, Double Me, So Close), USA (Soul Devourment) and more.


Pricing is worked out separately for every mixing project. Get in touch with some info about your music and I'll get back to you with a quote,

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